Exceeding Faith Ministries is committed to bringing clear and solid teaching of God’s Word to the Body of Christ, The Church.

Exceeding Faith MinistriesThe aim of Exceeding Faith Ministries is to help people grow spiritually, to develop in their relationship with God and to walk in everything that God has provided for us in Christ Jesus.

Bible open ready to studyThe articles on this site are made available free of charge for you to grow in your understanding of God’s Word, along with many other great resources for your spiritual development.

Our goal is to preach and teach the Word of God clearly and accurately, bringing people to a fuller understanding of the revelation of God’s truth as taught in the Bible.

We want you to come to know God better, to walk closer with Him and to understand what He is saying to the Church today.

Please visit the Bible Study Centre for free articles and teachings on the Bible.

Exceeding Faith Ministries mission:

To focus on the Word of God as the standard for truth in the Church today.