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Ready for Battle David and Goliath 4
Are you ready for the next challenge to come your way? Many times we wait for battles to arise before we try to get ready, which makes winning harder. In this video, we discuss the importance of being prepared in advance for the battles of life. Subscribe to YouTube Channel […]

Ready for Battle: David vs Goliath Part 4

The Response of Faith for Healing
There is a response of faith that is needed to receive from God. It’s important to know how to respond to God and those He uses to minister healing to us. To continue from the previous teaching where I touched on the different ways God heals, you will notice that […]

The Response of Faith to Receive Healing

Depending on God to get you through
What are you depending on to get you through the battles of life? Are you relying on your own strength and ability, or depending on God? Other Videos in this Series on David and Goliath: How to Beat Giants God will Fight for You. Subscribe to YouTube Channel Video Transcript: […]

Depending on God in the Battles of Life: David vs ...

Methods of receiving Divine Healing
The topic discussed here relates to physical healing or healing of the body, and the methods by which people can be healed. Natural Methods of Being Healed Everyone at some stage in their lives will need healing for their bodies, whether it is for illness, injuries, infections, diseases, abnormalities or anything […]

Methods of Receiving Divine Healing

Certain God will fight for you
Can you be certain about whether God will come through for you? Is it possible to boldly declare that the Lord will fight for you in the battle you are facing? Subscribe to YouTube Channel Video Transcript: We’ve been looking at the Bible passage of David and Goliath, and studying […]

Being Certain God will Fight For You: David vs Goliath ...

How to beat Giants: David vs Goliath
The Bible passage about David and Goliath teaches important principles about how to beat giants today. You may not face an actual giant, but you can face overwhelming situations. Just like David beat Goliath, you can beat those giant circumstances with God’s help. In this series of videos we are going […]

How to beat Giants: David vs Goliath Part 1

Should Christians celebrate Christmas?
Every year, in the lead up to December, the question arises: should Christians celebrate Christmas? Here I want to give some answers which will hopefully help you with this issue. If you do a bit of research about the history of Christmas, you will soon find mention of ancient pagan […]

Should Christians Celebrate Christmas?

Bible Quiz for Kids on the Birth of Jesus
Use this Bible quiz for kids to teach your children about the birth of Jesus. After doing it, you can look through the answers together and teach them about Jesus’ birth. You can review the answers at the end of the quiz. You will also find the scripture references, so […]

Bible Quiz for Kids on the Birth of Jesus

Bible Quiz the book of Genesis
How well do you know the Bible? Try this Bible quiz to test your knowledge of the Book of Genesis. Share the quiz with your friends to see which of you gets the highest score. This quiz contains 25 multiple choice questions. Once you have completed the questions click the […]

Bible Quiz – The Book of Genesis

Knowing God Personally
Knowing God personally is one of the greatest joys in life. It’s also one of the biggest needs people have today. Many may not realise it, but knowing God personally is not only essential for finding fulfilment in life, but is also possible. The ability to build a close relationship […]

Knowing God Personally

God is Light
There is a lot of confusion and misunderstanding in the world about who God is. His nature and character are often misunderstood. Here, we will examine a powerful biblical truth which should help us understand His character more clearly. This is the truth that God is light. 1 John 1:5 […]

God is Light

Faith comes by the Word of God
When studying the healing ministry of Jesus in the Gospels, you will soon notice that in some of the accounts of people receiving healing Jesus mentioned the person's faith as being involved, while at other times faith was not present, or referred to in the account. As a result those desiring Divine healing seem to divide into two groups or schools of thought on how healing occurs: by faith or not by faith. This has caused confusion in the church. Some teach that we need faith to receive healing from God while others strongly oppose this, claiming we do not.

Do You Need Faith to be Healed?

Man sitting waiting
Many people have the mentality that they are 'waiting' for God to heal them. This can produce a very passive approach to healing, where we think it is all up to God whether I receive healing or not. I propose to you that if you want to receive healing, you need to get out of the passive mentality and learn to actively press in to your healing.

Are you Waiting for God to Heal You?

Tree supplied with water by river
My God shall supply We are not dependant upon the world to supply our needs. Even if they enter recession, we don’t have to follow. Our God is our source of supply. He is El Shaddai – The God who is Mighty to nourish, supply and satisfy.

God shall supply: Philippians 4:19

Cross against the Sky
Ever wondered what the meaning of a Biblical or Theological is This Glossary gives definitions and meanings for a variety of Biblical and Theological Terms. These meanings are listed alphabetically for easy reference. They include the meanings of various Bible Doctrines, definitions of the Gifts of the Spirit, terms related to Jesus Christ and more

Biblical and Theological Definitions

The Blood of Jesus is called ‘Precious’ and it certainly is very precious to every one of us. The word precious here speaks of something that is very costly and valuable. We must not minimise what Jesus did! Just because the work of the cross is given to us freely, at no cost, we can forget how much it cost Jesus! Salvation is free for us, but it cost Jesus His blood and His life!

Purchased by the Blood of Jesus

Evidence of wind in the trees
There is visible evidence when a person is ‘in faith’. Here’s we will look at how to recognise when faith is present. With all the emphasis on the subject of faith in recent years in the church, there has also arisen a lot of confusion about it. Many Christians have […]

Visible Evidence of being in Faith

The benefits of praying in tongues
What are the benefits to me and my prayer life to speaking in tongues? God has given us this gift. He has given us this language to use. He added it in to the New Covenant for a purpose, not just to be a redundant side part! It has powerful benefits to your spiritual life when used consistently. Many things can be done through praying in tongues that cannot be achieved any other way

The Benefits of Praying in Tongues

God is the giver
These Scriptures go with the article: God the Giver God is A giver. He is THE giver. Many portray God as a withholder – keeping blessings from us and witholding answered prayer because they do not understand The Character of God as shown in the Bible Consider the following scriptures […]

Scriptures on God The Giver

Bible open for study and teaching
Christianity is not about my or your opinion, it is about God’s Word. The problem is, too often we put our opinion into the scriptures as well! People like to filter the Word of God through their own ideas on the subject, and as a result ‘adjust’ what God ACTUALLY […]

Opinion or Bible Truth?

God's mercy given at the cross
The following scriptures show where healing is connected to God’s mercy. People who were healed asked for ‘mercy’ See Psalms 145:8,9 Since God’s Mercy endures forever, and healing is a mercy, then healing is available ‘forever’. As long as God is merciful, He is The Healer too! To question God’s […]

Healing as a ‘mercy’ of God

Knowing the will of God
Can we know the will of God or is it a great mystery that no one could ever understand? Some claim we simply cannot know or understand God or His will. They use this to excuse away all kinds of things with religious sounding words and phrases, which do not really […]

Can we Know the Will of God?

Old Testament Scriptures
The Following Healing Scriptures are from the Old Testament For Healing Scriptures from the New Testament, click here (Please note this is not an exhaustive list of all the Old Testament healing Scriptures) Exodus 15:26 :26 and said, “If you diligently heed the voice of the LORD your God and […]

Old Testament Healing Scriptures

Faith scriptures banner
The Bible has a lot to say about ‘faith’. Here are some of the key faith scriptures: This is not an exhaustive list of all faith scriptures, but covers some of the important ones. I encourage you to take the time to read and study these faith scriptures.   Mark […]

Important Faith Scriptures

Delivered from chains
The following scriptures list cases where people were delivered from demons in the Gospels   1. Demonic in the Synagogue: Mark 1:21-28, Luke 4:31-37 2. Blind and Dumb Demoniac: Matt 12:22, Luke 11:14 3. Gadarene Demoniacs: Matt 8:28-34, Mark 5:1-20, Luke 8:26-39 4. Dumb Demoniac: Matt 9:32-34 5. Syrophoenician’s daughter: Matt15:21-28, Mark 7:24-30 6. Epileptic […]

People delivered from demons in the Gospels

These scriptures show miracles in the Ministry of Jesus Christ, excluding healings and deliverances (see separate scripture lists for those) 1) The Changing of the water into Wine: John 2:1-11 2) Feeding of the Five thousand:Matthew 14:15-21; Mark 6:35-44; Luke 9:12-17; John 6:5-13 3) Feeding of the Four thousand: Matthew 15:32-38; Mark […]

Scriptures showing the Miracles of Jesus Christ

God is the giver
I recommend that you read the accompanying article on ‘Heaven’s Response to your prayers’ with this one. Scriptures that show God The Giver What is God like? What type of God is He? The Character of God is one of the most amazing and rewarding Bible studies there is. Coming to the […]

God The Giver

Biblical Truth
We are privileged to live in a day when there are so many resources available to us for studying the Bible. We have books, multiple Bible translations, CD’s, MP3’s, the internet, Christian TV etc. The knowledge of God’s Word available to us has greatly increased in recent years. This is […]

The Need for Truth in the Church

Woman praying to God
Recently, I have been stirred afresh on the importance of praying for our countries. 2 Chronicles 7:14 ‘IF my people who are called by My Name will humble themselves, and pray and seek my face, and turn from their wicked ways, then I will hear from heaven and will forgive […]

Praying for our Country

Healing scriptures found in the Bible
These healing scriptures from the New Testament will help you increase your faith in God for healing. Take the time to read them and see that the New Testament is filled with scriptures on healing. The Gospels show Jesus healing people. We can learn so much about God’s will and […]

New Testament Healing Scriptures

Bible open for study and teaching
This ministry is committed to the integrity of God’s Word and to bringing teachings which are sound and solid in doctrine. Our prime concern is not to teach man’s ideas and doctrines about Christianity, but what the Bible (God’s Word) teaches as truth. Here is our statement of faith, which […]

Statement of Faith