Am I important to God?

Am I Important to God? Jesus’ Healings #18

How Important am I to God?

Does my healing matter to God? Does He value me? Am I even important to Him?

In this video Bible study, I answer these questions. Jesus showed He valued the man with the withered hand in Mark 3. Your healing is important to God. This Bible teaching is part 18 in the series on Healing in Jesus’ Ministry. The entire series is available on this website.

Bible Teaching Video on How Important I am to God

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This video is part of a series which looks at each of the healing cases in the Gospels to teach principles which we can apply in our lives to receive from God.

Mark 3: The Man with the Withered Hand

Jesus showed care for each individual. His words and actions showed He valued people. Jesus came to reveal the Father, so each of these words and actions show us what the Father is like. Since Jesus showed people were important, we know the Father values each person.

In Mark 3, Jesus healed the man with the withered hand. The Pharisees responded with hardness, wanting to destroy Jesus. This passage shows a contrast between God’s heart and religious ideas. The Pharisees were indignant to the man’s need, while Jesus showed the man was valuable.

Passages like this show the Father’s heart. Jesus explained that we would not leave an animal in distress for a day, so why would we think God leaves us suffering? We are important to God. Each individual matters.

God Values Each Individual

If you have ever questioned God’s willingness to heal you, understand that you are important to Him. Your healing matters and God values you. When we appreciate how much He values us, we won’t question His desire to heal us.

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