Approach God

How to Approach God Correctly

How Should we Approach God?

The Bible shows us how to approach God the right way and the wrong way. When we approach Him correctly, we get results.

Just like there is correct protocol for approaching royalty in the natural, there is protocol when coming to God. By learning to come to God how the Bible teaches, we will get more answered prayers.

This Bible study video examines the biblical way to approach God, using examples from Jesus’ healing ministry.

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How People Approached Jesus

People approached Jesus in various ways. The Nobleman came focused on his desperate situation, the father of the epilileptic boy came putting responsibility on everyone else to get results. The leper knelt before Jesus. The two blind men cried out asking for results, but did not put any faith in their request until Jesus challenged them on their believing. The woman with the issue of blood showed confidence in the power of God.

Each of these healing cases teaches us principles about how we are to come to God. Learn from these people to know how to come before God the correct way.

This Bible teaching focuses on Jairus in Mark 5. Despite the desperation of his only daughter’s impending death, He came with confidence in Jesus and knelt in humility. Rather than focusing on everything that was going wrong, He focused in Jesus’ ability to help him.

Hebrews tells us a number of times about how to come to God, how to draw near. Specific instructions are given about how to approach Him. When we follow the biblical protocol, we will experience more results.

God wants to heal you. He wants to answer your prayers. Learn to approach Him according to the biblical pattern and experience results.

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