Studies of Battles in the Bible

Battles in the Bible are Relevant Today

The various battles in the Bible teach us principles to help us beat challenges today. If you are facing a battle, then the studies below of battles in the Bible will help you.

Teaching on Battles in the Bible

Studies of Old Testament battles

These videos were recorded live online. Every Tuesday at 8pm, I do a live Online Bible study.

David Vs Goliath: How to Beat Giants series

How to beat Giants: David vs Goliath

God’s Plan to Win Battles

God’s plan for His people is that we win battles. The Battles in the Bible are examples to teach us and show us how to win. The studies on this page examine the various battles in the Bible, particularly the Old Testament, to equip you with what you need to win.

If you feel overwhelmed by the fight and wonder if God is listening to you, know that He is on your side. God wants us to win. He has given us the victory through Jesus Christ. As you go through these studies, your faith will grow stronger helping you to stand strong in the face of opposition.

Our covenant with God includes deliverance from enemies that attack us. Over and over in the Word of God, the LORD moved for His people to give them victory despite impossible enemies.

Online Bible Studies

Many of the studies on this page were taught live online. Every Tuesday at 8pm, I do a live Online Bible teaching via Facebook and YouTube. The purpose of these teachings is to help you understand the God’s Word.

The LORD wants us to understand His Word. Solid teaching helps us to know the truth, so we can apply it to our lives and experience God’s best.

Other Bible Resources

There are plenty of Bible study resources available On this website. You can find them in the Study Centre.

Certain God will fight for you

Other Studies

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