Be Strong and no weaken

Be Strong and Do Not Weaken: Biblical Battles 5

In 2 Chronicles 16, God told King Asa to be strong and not weaken. This was after he trusted God in the battle against the Ethiopians. However, later Asa became comfortable and spiritually lazy. In the battle in 2 Chronicles 16, later in his life, he did not trust in the LORD, which started a process that resulted in his death.

In this video, I examine King Asa’s life and the battles he faced, to learn principles which will help us win our battles today. This video was taught live online via Facebook and YouTube. It is part of a series on Biblical Battle Studies. I teach live online every Tuesday.

Bible Study Video: Be Strong and Do Not Weaken

**This video cuts out after about 23 minutes. A new copy will be uploaded shortly

King Asa Did Not Stay Strong

King Asa lost the final battle in his life, against sickness, because he stopped looking to God. This was because he did not keep himself strong in God, but became weak, even though God warned him about this early on in his reign.

As Christians, we cannot allow ourselves to become weak over time. Some people trust God through challenges, then do not maintain their spiritual strength. As a result, they lose later battles in life. If we make sure we stay strong in God, we will win more battles.

Old Testament Battles

The Old Testament is a rich source of truth that applies to our Christian lives today. The examples God has given us teach principles that we can apply today.

If you are facing a battle, I recommend you study all of the videos in this series because they will help you overcome. Also, you are welcome to join the live Bible studies I do every Tuesday which are aimed at helping you understand the Bible.

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