ExceedingFaith: A Bible Teaching Ministry

About Exceeding Faith

Exceeding Faith is a UK based Bible teaching ministry run by Owen Walton.

  • Clear solid Bible teaching helping people understand the Bible
  • Teaching in churches, Bible schools, conferences and online
  • Videos, ebooks, podcasts and online Bible courses
  • Translating material into various languages including Portuguese and Punjabi
  • Over 20 years teaching in Bible Schools and churches around the UK, Europe and other parts of the world


  • Over 24 years of full time ministry
  • Passionate about teaching God’s Word

I grew up in a Christian home and attended Bible believing churches from a young age, which built into me a strong foundation of the Word of God and a conviction for Bible truth.

As a teenager, I sensed the call of God on my life, knowing God had called me into full-time ministry to teach His Word. I started preaching at a young age and led my school Christian Union, where people were healed and filled with the Holy Spirit.

After finishing school at 18, I attended full time Bible School and graduated in 1995. The LORD instructed me to enter full time Christian ministry right away with the commission to focus on the Word of God as the standard for truth in the church today.

Through the years, I have done various areas of ministry including senior Pastor, associate pastor, pioneering churches, travelling teaching ministry, regular Bible School teaching, missions and helps ministry (Praise and Worship and many other areas)

Bible Schools

I started teaching in Bible Schools in 1997 helping to train people for ministry and continue to do so today over 20 years later. This has always been a central focus of my life. Through the years, I have taught in Bible Schools all over the United Kingdom and in Europe.

Teaching the Bible and seeing people established in God’s Word is my passion. I believe a teacher’s role is to bring understanding and to motivate people to be doers. God’s Word transforms lives, sets people free, brings growth to relationship with the LORD and helps people find God’s plan and purpose for their lives.

Solid Word-based Bible Teaching

  • Maintaining accuracy by properly interpreting the Bible.
  • Focusing on the Bible, rather than Church traditions or opinions.
  • Helping people understand salvation which was purchased by Jesus Christ through His death and resurrection.
  • Presenting the true character of God and truths of the New Covenant.

Statement of Faith

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