Breaking Cycles of Defeat & Entering God’s Best

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This Book could radically change your life.

‘I wrote this book because I am concerned that some Christians seem to be taking many years to reach God’s best. Some never seem to get there, despite hearing a lot of teaching about the good things God has for them. It seems like something is always in their way, stopping them from entering God’s best.’

‘I believe that this book is going to be a ‘game changer’ for many people. It is my desire to show people very clearly what it is going to take to enter into the best that God has for them. I believe that if you put these truths in to practice, you will stop going in circles and finally move forward into the life of God’s best.’

If you want to enter into God’s best for your life

This could be the most important book you ever read.

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  • Does it feel like God’s best is always out of reach to you?
  • Have you heard about the wonderful things that God has for your life but, for some reason, can never fully step into them?
  • Does it feel like life just goes from one challenge to another, but things never seem to improve?

Many Christians seem to be facing these problems. Despite hearing about the good things God has for them, their lives always seem to be filled with challenges that prevent them from entering God’s best.

There is an answer, but first you need to understand what is stopping you from moving forward.


In ‘Breaking Cycles of Defeat and Entering God’s Best’, I explore why so many are not entering into God’s best and what the solution is.

This book looks at ‘why’ many are being prevented from entering God’s best and provides solid, scriptural solutions that will enable you to move forward. If you want answers to questions about why you seem to go from one struggle to another and why the life God promises always seems out of reach, I believe this book will help you.

It is written to provide answers and solutions.

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By reading Breaking Cycles of Defeat and Entering God’s Best you will:

  • Be challenged to look honestly at where your life is at the moment
  • See that God has better for you
  • Be stirred to believe that it is possible for you to reach God’s best
  • Understand that the solutions we often look to may not take you into God’s best
  • Get some answers to the question ‘why’ as we study reasons why people cannot move into God’s best, as well as the solution
  • Appreciate what it is going to take to get into God’s best


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Entering God's best

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1 review for Breaking Cycles of Defeat & Entering God’s Best

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    Deanna Bridges (verified owner)

    There is hope for one whose life has been “on hold” for decades. This book has provided a blueprint for me to grasp and run the course to the finish line. I received clarity and understanding on “why” I felt my life was “on hold” waiting for the promises I know God gave me. I knew I was going through a process, but I never understood why it was taking so long until I read this book. It all makes so much sense and I am eager to put forth my faith in action. My breakthrough is here! I highly recommend this book.

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