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Bible Quiz questions bannerTry a Bible quiz to test how well you know the Bible and see if you can get all the answers correct.

Have you ever noticed that general knowledge of the Bible seems to be lacking these days?

I was raised going to Sunday school as a child and grew up knowing things about the Bible. I remember hearing about Joseph being sold into slavery and then rising to being ruler just under Pharaoh. As a child, I read about David and Goliath and many other Bible events. It seems not many people know basic Bible passages anymore.

How about you? Do you know much about the Bible?

Take a Bible quiz below to test yourself

See if you can answer all the Bible quiz questions, then have some fun by sharing the quiz with your friends on social media to see how they do.

Will you get a higher score than your friends?

Taking a fun quiz isn’t a great way to learn more too.