Seeds of Healing, Seeds of Life
Healing, like nearly everything we receive from God, begins with seeds, which need to be planted in our hearts for healing to develop.  In Mark chapter 4, Jesus likens the planting of natural seed in the ground to the planting of spiritual truths in our hearts.  Given the right conditions, natural seed […]

Seeds of Healing – Seeds of Life

Methods of receiving Divine Healing
Physical healing, or healing of the body, and the methods by which people can be healed. Various Methods of Being Healed At some stage, everyone will need healing for their bodies, whether for illness, injuries, infections, diseases, abnormalities or anything that attacks one’s physical health. God created the body with […]

Methods of Receiving Divine Healing

Faith comes by the Word of God
When studying the healing ministry of Jesus in the Gospels, you will soon notice that in some of the accounts of people receiving healing Jesus mentioned the person's faith as being involved, while at other times faith was not present, or referred to in the account. As a result those desiring Divine healing seem to divide into two groups or schools of thought on how healing occurs: by faith or not by faith. This has caused confusion in the church. Some teach that we need faith to receive healing from God while others strongly oppose this, claiming we do not.

Do I Need Faith to be Healed?

God's mercy given at the cross
Healing is connected to God’s Mercy In the Gospels, some seeking healing asked Jesus for mercy. Jesus responded by healing, indicating the connection between God’s Mercy and healing. See Psalms 145:8,9 God’s Mercy Endures Forever God’s Mercy endures forever, and since healing is a mercy, then healing is available forever. […]

Healing as a Mercy of God