Everything going wrong after asking God

Everything is Going Wrong Since I asked God

Have you ever felt that after you prayed and asked God to move, everything started going wrong?

The Bible has an answer to help you know how to respond. Just because everything is going wrong, does not mean God is not with you and moving. Jairus asked Jesus for help, Jesus went with Jairus and then everything went wrong.

This Bible teaching video examines the different things that can go wrong and how to respond.

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Everything started going wrong for Jairus

This video looks at when Jesus helped Jairus in Mark 5. If you have ever felt like you asked God, then everything went wrong and the situation got worse, this Bible teaching video will help you.

Jairus asked Jesus to heal his dying daughter, then the situation got worse. His daughter died and he faced other problems, including delays. Everything stood in the way of him receiving a miracle. However, Jesus showed him what to do and it will help you too.

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When Things Go Wrong, Jesus Can Still Help

Even when you pray and situations get worse, that is not the time to give up, thinking God is not moving. Stick with it and you can see results. The temptation to quit is often strongest after you have prayed and things start going wrong.

The Bible shows us the answers. God knew that would happen and He does not want you to lose this battle.

How to beat Giants: David vs Goliath

This Bible teaching video is part of a series on Healing in the ministry of Jesus. Study each case where Jesus healed people to learn powerful truths about receiving from God. Jesus shows us the will of God. God has not changed and still wants to heal you. By learning the truth from the Bible, you can receive your miracle and be made whole.

I encourage you to listen to all these videos, to stir and build your faith to receive from God. Don’t be discouraged when things go wrong after you have asked for God’s help. Rather, hold fast to the truth from God’s Word and receive your healing.

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