Faith works when nothing else will work

Faith Works When Nothing Else is Working: Matthew 15

Faith Works

The Bible shows us that faith works, even when nothing else is helping. Many people look to others to help them or hope a minister will pray for them. Sometimes, we don’t have those things. However, God has made a way available for all of us to receive from Him that will always work.

In Matthew 15, the Syrophoenician Woman had no covenant with God, no one praying for her, no promise to stand on. Even Jesus said He was not sent to her. Yet, by the end of the passage, she received. Jesus said she had great faith.

Bible Teaching Video on Matthew 15: Faith Works

Healing in Jesus’ Ministry

This video was taught live online and is part of a series on Healing in Jesus’ Ministry. The complete series is available on this website and studies each case of healing in the Gospels, helping us understand Biblical principles on healing.

Find out:

  • How to receive from God
  • The correct way to approach God
  • Jesus’ attitude toward sickness and sick people
  • The Biblical principles involved in faith and how faith works

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Matthew 15: The Syrophoenician Woman

The woman in Matthew 15 was a Gentile who came to Jesus seeking help. She had no covenant with God, yet was able to get results due to her faith. Find out the characteristics of her faith in this teaching.

This powerful passage teaches us the principles of great faith. We can have complete confidence that faith works and when we look to God in faith, we can get results. As you listen to this video, you will understand how to receive healing from God and that faith works when nothing else will.

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