Following God’s Battle Plan. Biblical battles

Following God’s Plan for Battle: Biblical Battles 8

Following God’s Plan in Battle

When we follow God’s plan, we succeed. God had a strategy for every battle you face. In Joshua 6, God showed the Israelites how to attack Jericho. When they followed God’s plan, they won the battle.

This video is part of a series on Biblical Battles and was taught during my live online Bible studies which I do every Tuesday on YouTube and Facebook.

God’s Plan For Battle Video Teaching

Biblical Battles

In this series, I teach principles that we can learn from the Old Testament battles to help us win battles in our lives today. I go through a number of different Biblical battles and each study in this series is available in this website. As we apply the Word of God, we will find God helps us overcome.

Battles in the Bible course

God’s Strategy Works

A plan is a blueprint laid out in advance. The first plan to find God’s plans is His Word. In the Bible, God shows us His way of doing things. The more we follow that, the more success we will have.

When we follow our own ways, we don’t always succeed, so it’s better to learn God’s way of doing things. His ways are higher. Once we are walking in the Word of God, there may be times we need to hear specific plans from the Lord for specific challenges we are facing. As we do, we find that His ways bring success and victory.

God showed Joshua how to attack Jericho in Joshua 6. As they followed the blueprint God had given them, they walked in victory. You can too, as you follow the Word of God and His leadings.

Multilingual Bible Studies

I now do Weekly Bible studies live online in multiple languages. For more information and to join these, please see the Live Online Page. Also, please invite your friends to these live Bible studies, so they can understand the Bible better.

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