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This book contains a vital message for Christians today and provides some answers to questions.

Repetitive Cycles of Struggles

It seems like many people go from one crisis to another. Life never seems to improve. Many Christians have heard that God has better things for them, but they continue to struggle. God’s best remains out of reach.

This book examines ‘why’, looking at problems and reasons. It then examines the solution.

  • Why do Christians struggle in cycle of defeat
  • Why we get answers to prayer sometimes, then fail to progress afterwards.
  • What it is going to take to move us into the best that God has for us.

Life Changing Truths

I believe the message in this book has the potential to transform your life, taking you past continual struggles and defeats, and into God’s best for your life.

This is not just a book on doctrine, but a practical study that gives reasons and solutions. These truths can be applied into your life immediately.

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