Praying for healing for friends and others

Asking God to Heal Friends and Others

My Friends and Others I know need healing

Should we pray for healing for friends and others we know? The Bible tells us in James 5 to pray one for another that we may be healed. The Gospels give examples of other people asking Jesus for healing on behalf of friends and family.

This video, which is part 21 in a series studying healing in the Gospels, Studies the cases of healing where other people asked Jesus on behalf of the sick person.

You may also want to watch the accompanying video on Praying for Family and Loved Ones.

Video about Asking God to Heal friends and others

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Can I ask God to Heal on someone else’s behalf?

The Bible instructs us to pray for others, including their healing. Maybe, you have friends who need healing or know someone who is sick. You wonder whether you can ask God to heal them on their behalf. The Bible gives examples where people did exactly that.

The disciple’s asked Jesus to heal Peter’s mother in law, the Jewish elders asked on behalf of the centurion, the crowd asked Jesus to heal the deaf man with the speech impediment and the sisters asked Jesus for Lazarus.

Healing for someone who can’t believe God themselves

What about someone in a coma or who can’t ask God themselves? Is there hope for their healing? Most definitely. God has made various ways available to bring healing. One of these is for friends to ask on behalf of the sick person.

God is merciful and wants to heal people. He is looking for those who will pray for others and ask God on their behalf. Let’s capture the heart of the Father and pray for healing for others, including our friends.

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