Going from Victory to Victory

From Victory to Victory: Biblical Battles 13

From Victory to Victory

Joshua is the book of victory and shows God fulfilling His promises to Israel as they entered the land. In this video Bible study, I examine the book of Joshua to stir up a spirit of faith and victory in you.

Video Study on Victory in the Book of Joshua

Biblical Battle Studies

This video is Part 13 in a series studying the battles in the Old Testament to learn principles which will help us in the challenges we face today. If you are in a battle, I encourage you to study the entire series, which is available on this website.

Battles in the Bible course

Online Bible Studies

Every week, I do an online Bible study over Facebook and YouTube. These are also available in Punjabi, Polish and Portuguese.

You are welcome to join us for these teaching sessions and to invite your friends. I appreciate you sharing these.

Victory in Joshua

Apart from some minor failures, Joshua shows sustained victory as Israel gained new ground and took what God had given them. The book is an amazing study of how God brought His people out on top when they obeyed Him.

In part 12, I talked about cycles of defeat in Judges because the people would not obey God. In contrast, Joshua gave the Word of God priority in his life and in the nation, which is in line with the instruction God gave him in chapter 1. We see that throughout the book, Joshua reminded the people of what God said. Even after a defeat, he drew their attention back onto the Word of God to refocus them for success.

Understanding God’s Word

The Word of God is powerful and God wants you to understand it. The study resources on this website will help you become established in the Bible and received the good things God has made available to you in Christ.

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