Give the Word your attention. Free from distractions.

Give Attention to the Word, Be Distraction Free: Battles 9

Attention on God’s Word

Proverbs 4 tells us to give attention to God’s Word. Also, Jesus showed In Mark 4 that desires for other things can distract us and cause the Word to become unfruitful.

The book of Judges shows that Samson allowed himself to become distracted which weakened his effectiveness against the enemy, the Philistines.

This video Bible study examines how distractions take our attention away from God’s Word and can cause us to lose battles. If we want the Word to produce fruit in our lives, we need to stay focused on it.

Video Bible Study about keeping your Attention on the Word

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Biblical Battle Studies

This video is part 9 in a series studying Old Testament battles which studies principles from the Bible which will help is with the battles we face in our lives today. The entire series is available on this website.

Samson didn’t keep His attention on God

In Judges, Samson’s attention was distracted by the Philistine women. His desires for other things caused him to lose focus and eventually he lost against the Philistines. We need to learn from his mistake and listen to the words of Jesus about how desires for other things can cause the Word of God to become unfruitful.

To benefit fully from God’s Word in our lives, stay focused on it. The Word of God enables us to win battles as we give it our full attention.

Battles in the Bible course

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