Getting God to move in a desperate situation

Getting God to move in Desperate Situations (Video)

Desperate Situations: God Help!

Many people these days are facing desperate situations and wonder how they can get God to move. They cry out for God’s help in desperation.

If you are desperate or have ever faced seemingly impossible situations, this video will help you to know how to get God to move.

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John 4: The Nobleman’s Son

This video is part of a series on the healing ministry of Jesus where I study each of the individual cases of people healed by Jesus. The Nobleman who came to Jesus in John 4 was desperate. His son was about to die. He came to Jesus and cried out for help.

How Jesus responded to him teaches us how to approach God when things are desperate and we need His help. Jesus helped this man out of this desperate situation and provided healing. Putting these truths into practice will help you get God to move when you need His help.

At first the man did not understand what Jesus was trying to do. He continued to cry out, but then understood and responded to Jesus. He received his miracle because he believed what Jesus said.

Getting God to move

Getting God to move today is the same as when Jesus was on earth. If we will out these principles into practice, we can get the same results. I hope this video helps encourage and strengthen you as you cry out for God to ,live in your life.

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