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God shall supply: Philippians 4:19


Philippians 4:19

:19 And my God shall supply all your need according to HIS RICHES in glory by Christ Jesus

This verse is often quoted, and there is plenty of truth within these words from which we can stir our faith.

It is not my intention in this short article to study the fulness of God’s provision, but simply to point out some truths:

Let’s break this down and examine the powerful principles revealed in this verse:


A) My God shall supply

We are not dependant upon the world to supply our needs. Even if they enter recession, we don’t have to follow.

Our God is our source of supply. He is El Shaddai – The God who is Mighty to nourish, supply and satisfy.

Your job is not your source, even though it is right to work. Your spouse, parents, the government are not your source. God is! And His economy is always stable.

We access His economy by faith. So don’t allow fear about what is happening in the world govern you. Meditate in God’s promises of provision and speak His Word over your finances. He has promised to supply. So believe His Word.

B) All your need

God is not limited to where you live in the world, and the size of your need. He has committed Himself to supply ALL you needs. Don’t limit Him, but believe Him for a total breakthrough.

If you have a need, beleive that God is the supplier to bring the provision for the need.

C) According to HIS riches

We live by His riches, and let me assure you: He is RICH, wealthy beyond imagination. He doesn’t supply according to your need. He is Not limited to your bank balance. He committed Himself to supply for you from His riches.

This truth will free you.

Deuteronomy 28:12 says that God will open HIS STOREHOUSES (His good treasure) to you!

There is NO lack in His storehouses. They are vast, and as a Christian, you have the right to use His storehouses. But Faith is the key. You receive From God By faith. So let me encourage you to feed your faith on His promises of Prosperity.

Get His Word on your Mouth, then obey His directions, and He will faithfully fulfil His promises.

May these truths stir your heart as they have mine. Don’t delay in acting. If you are uncertain of God’s will for your finances, then search His Word out for the truth. Once you know what He has promised, then don’t hold back and don’t let the devil steal from you anymore.

Increase your vision and expectancy by feeding your faith on the Word and move forward with God, receiving all that He has for you!

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