Healing can feel hard to get

When it’s Hard to Get Healed

Healing can sometimes feel hard to get. Maybe, you’ve asked God for healing and then found it’s an uphill struggle to receive. This teaching examines why it can seem hard to receive healing and what to do about it.

Recorded live online, this video is part of the series on Cases of Healing in the Ministry of Jesus. The study looks at the two blind men in Matthew 9 that followed Jesus, crying out to Him.

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Why is it hard to get healed?

You may have struggled to get healed or know someone who is finding it difficult to receive. Sometimes, it is tempting to quit and think God is withholding your answer. The truth is that He wants you healed. It is His desire for you to receive. Your healing is important to God. God anointed Jesus with healing power because He wanted people healed.

So, why does it seem to hard to get?

The blind men in Matthew 9 followed Jesus across town. It wasn’t easy for them, and it seemed like Jesus was not answering their cries. However, He was not denying them. Jesus knew that healing needs faith and the characteristics of faith can come out when things are tough. They needed determination, not quitting, despite the challenges. No matter how difficult or how hard, their determination stirred faith and enabled them to get healed.

This video examines these truths in depth to stir you in the face of hardship.

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This video is part of a series looking at the cases of healing under Jesus.

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