Healed by the anointing upon a minister: Luke 4 Jesus’ Healings

Healed by the Anointing Upon a Minister: Luke 4

In Luke 4, Jesus talked upon the Spirit of the Lord upon Him. He showed the purpose for the anointing upon Him, explaining why He was sent. He then gave two examples from the Old Testament to show that the anointing cannot just be turned on ‘by demand’, but that the minister must be sent by the Spirit.

God has provided two main routes to healed: by faith in His Word and through the anointing upon someone. Many want to rely on the second method, but Jesus showed it was not for everyone. However, when a person does not receive healing by a ministe sen to them, they can still receive by faith. Find out more in the video below:

Bible Teaching Video: Healed by the Anointing Upon Ministers

Healing in the Ministry of Jesus

This Bible study video is part 14 in a series on the Healing Ministry of Jesus. In these teachings, I examine the individual cases of healing in the Gospels, showing principles which are relevant to us today. The entire series is available on this website.

Learn how to approach God, how to have Great faith, the importance of taking responsibility for your healing, having confidence in the power of God and more.

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The Anointing Upon Jesus to Heal

The anointing upon ministers today works the same as with Jesus. When we learn to follow the Spirit’s leadings, we will be more successful ministering healing to others. Jesus went to people the Spirit sent Him to. He did not just go to people He wanted to minister to. He flowed with the anointing, rather than trying to make it work whenever He wanted.

Jesus also understood that healing comes by two different ways and He let both of these methods work through Him to help them.

More Bible study articles and videos available in the Bible Study Centre on a range of subjects including healing, the Holy Spirit, the Character of God, overcoming impossible situations and more.

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