God's mercy given at the cross

Healing as a ‘mercy’ of God

The following scriptures show where healing is connected to God’s mercy. People who were healed asked for ‘mercy’

See Psalms 145:8,9

Since God’s Mercy endures forever, and healing is a mercy, then healing is available ‘forever’.

As long as God is merciful, He is The Healer too!

To question God’s willingness to heal is to question His mercy


1. Two Blind men – Matt 9:27-31

2. Syrophoenician’ daughter – Matt 15:22

3. Lunatic Son – Matt 17:15

4. The Ten Lepers – Luke 17:11-19

5. The Healing of Epaphroditus – Phil 2:25

6. The Leper – Mark 1:40-45


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