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Healing in the Book of Acts and the Epistles

The books of Acts shows that healing continued after Jesus through the apostles. God never intended healing to stop, but provided it through the church. Acts is filled with miracles and healing. The following scriptures show these references.

Healing Scriptures in The Book of Acts and The Epistles

  • Healing of the man at the Gate Beautiful – Acts 3:1-16
  • Signs and Wonders done by the Apostles – Acts 5:12
  • Healing by the shadow of Peter – Acts 5:15
  • Stephen – Acts 6:8
  • Philip’s Crusade in Samaria – Acts 8:5-8
  • Saul / Paul – Acts 9:17-18
  • The Healing of Aeneas – Acts 9:32-34
  • The Resurrection and Healing of Tabitha (Dorcas) – Acts 9:36-42
  • The Crippled man at Lystra (F) – Acts 14:7-10
  • Paul’s Recovery from Stoning – 14:19-28
  • The Resurrection and healing of Eutycus – 20:7-12
  • The Healing of Publius’ Father – 28:7-8
  • Healing of Epaphroditus – Philippians 2:25-30; 4:15-19

These healing scriptures show how healing took place after the Gospels continuing Jesus’ Healing Ministry through the church.

Healing is still God’s will. Many times, Jesus healed ‘all’ and His healing ministry continued through the church. Today, we continue to represent Jesus by doing as He did. Many people still question whether God heals today. They also wonder how to receive from God. The articles on this website will help you learn how to get God to move in your life.

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What Jesus started continued after the Gospels and continues today through the church. The apostles gave no indication that healing stopped or ever would. God’s nature is to give and help people.

The same Holy Spirit upon Jesus came upon the Apostles and others in the church. He still moves today.

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