Healing in the Ministry of Jesus

A Bible Course on Healing in the Gospels

Studies on Healing in Jesus’ Ministry

The healing ministry of Jesus provides one of the most powerful studies on healing in the Bible. The will of God is seen clearer through Jesus than anywhere else, as well as how to receive healing.

Jesus was effective in the healing ministry. The way He helped people receive helps us learn principles we can apply today to get healed. 

A collection of studies

This page lists the resources available on this website about the healing ministry of Jesus, providing a central study point filled with resources. These resources come together to make a complete Bible course on the healing ministry of Jesus. 

If you need healing, want to learn more about healing or desire to minister healing to others, I encourage you to spend time going through the various studies on this page. This Bible course will help you thoroughly understand the healing ministry and how to receive yourself. 

Individual Cases of Healing in the Gospels (Video Bible Teachings)

The Gospels give detailed accounts of people who were healed by Jesus. This video series, taught live online, focuses on each individual case, teaching principles we can apply today for healing.

Other Articles on Healing in the Ministry of Jesus

We can see The will of God concerning healing in Jesus

Healing was not a side issue in the ministry of Jesus. Jesus showed that it was important. Over and over, the Bible says Jesus healed them all.

Does Healing require faith? This is an important question. Some people healed by Jesus had faith, others did not. How do we know today whether we need faith or not to receive healing? Find the answers in this article.

Are you waiting by the Pool or Pressing through the Crowd? Some people are passive and wait for God to help them. Others press in until they get it.

There is a response of faith which is important to receive. Find out how different people responded to Jesus.

There is a response of faith which is important to receive. Find out how different people responded to Jesus.

Find out about the Healing Anointing upon Jesus life.

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Healing Scriptures from the Gospels

God’s Will about healing seen in Jesus
Jesus healed all - Mass healings

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