Healing was not a Side Issue to Jesus

Healing was a major part of Jesus’ Ministry. The life of Jesus cannot be studied properly without looking at the healings He did. Removing it from the Gospels would totally change the account of events.

Matthew 4:23

:23 And Jesus went about all Galilee, teaching in their synagogues, preaching the gospel of the kingdom, and healing all kinds of sickness and all kinds of disease among the people.

Teaching, Preaching and Healing

Jesus did more than teach and preach. He also operated in supernatural power. Healing was an integral part of His ministry and should not be sidelined or excluded. This verse, along with others, groups healing in with Jesus’ teaching and preaching, giving no indication that it was any less important.

The Gospels do not sideline healing, but instead show clearly that it was a major part of Jesus’ overall ministry and was an important part of the work He did rather than a side issue. He never sidelined it, or indicated that we should. Also, as part of the commission He gave the church to spread the Gospel, He included a mandate to take healing to people.

When Christians sideline healing today, they are misrepresenting Jesus because they are not accurately representing all He did.

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Is healing a lower priority to God?

Today, some say that healing is a secondary part of the Gospel. This claim has no Biblical basis, but instead comes from people’s own personal opinions which are not found in the Bible. Nothing Jesus said or did shows it was a lower priority to Him than anything else. Instead, we see the opposite. 

According to the ministry of Jesus, healing is central and core to the entire gospel message and there is no biblical basis to claim it is any different today in the church.

Healing is a priority to God.

He healed then, He heals now, He never changes

Some claim that Jesus no longer heals today like He did then.

Any Christian church which teaches healing is no longer available or has changed since Bible times is teaching their own personal opinion, not the Bible. The Bible does not teach anything has changed, so people who teach it has are basing their claims on something outside the Bible. Therefore, their claims do not carry any biblical authority. 

Accurately representing God

For too long, the religious Christian community has had the loudest voice in this area and made it sound like those who teach Biblical healing are the ones in error. They have made healing sound like a side message, or even a false one. The truth is that those who deny God heals today are the ones who are not accurately presenting the biblical gospel message. They are misrepresenting Christianity and thus, they are misrepresenting God.

To accurately represent Jesus, the head of the church, we should place the same emphasis on healing that He did. Changing or minimising the emphasise is the same as misrepresenting Jesus, what He did and what He taught.

The Word of God is the foundation

If we want to be followers of Jesus, then we must look to His Word for answers above man’s ideas. This is how we must approach the subject of healing.

In truth, when people say healing is no longer for us today, that God no longer heals or that it is not God’s will to heal people, their scriptural foundation is lacking.

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