Carrying a heavy load

Healing Scriptures of Chronic Ailments and Conditions

There is hope for people with longterm or chronic illnesses and conditions.
People in the Bible got healed and free from them and so can you today

 Bible Cases of people healed of Chronic illnesses and conditions:

1. Woman with the Issue of Blood:  Mark 5:25 12 years

2.Demoniac Son:  Mark 9:21  ? years

3. Woman with spirit of infirmity:  Luke 13:11  18 years

4. Man borne blind: John 9:1  30+ years

5. Man at the Pool:  John 3:5  38 years

6. Cripple at the gate Beautiful: Acts 3:2, 4:22   40 years


These Healing Scripture references are made available for your use whether personal studies, use in Bible Schools or churches or to place on your website. You can duplicate, print or adjust them as you need.

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