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What Can Hinder People Receiving from God?

Matthew 8: The Leper healed by Jesus

The Leper in Matthew 8 was lacking something important which can also hinder us receiving from God. This Bible teaching video examines the passage to provide answers to what can hinder us receiving today.

Many do not know what is hindering them. They try to pray or get others to pray for them over and over again, not realising that there is something which needs to be fixed first, before they will receive. This video will help you see what to do.

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The Gap that can hinder you receiving from God

One of the most important things you can do when you need God to move in your life is turn to His Word. Many people only think about praying. However, sometimes there are things God needs to teach us.

The things we do not know can hinder us and stop us getting a breakthrough. Even when we already know a lot, we cannot neglect getting into the Bible in times of need.

Sometimes results are connected to knowledge and information, rather than just prayer. What we do not know can be what is stopping us.

Many people do not take the time to learn and grow. They just look to pray. Sometimes the hinderance is lack of information: not knowing something. This isn’t just a general lack, but not knowing one specific key that can change your situation. Not knowing it, can stop you. The solution is to always put yourself in a position to learn more of the Word, every time you are needing to receive from God.

The good news is that nothing has to stop you receiving from God. All hinderanxes can be solved so you can get the results you need.

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