Act on your faith. Actions with faith

How to Act on Your Faith

How do I act on my faith?

Confusion about which actions go with faith has left people uncertain about how to act on their faith.

Various questions come up concerning acting on faith:

  • Should I do something to show my faith?
  • What should I do?
  • Will refusing to seek medical help show I am in faith?
  • If I don’t have any actions, does that mean I am not in faith?

Find out how to act on your faith in this Bible teaching video, which studies the ten lepers who came to Jesus and Blind Bartimeus. Both acted in some way, but differently. This practical video teaching clarifies the topic of faith and action.

Acting on Your Faith

Not all actions are acting in faith. This video examines 6 categories of actions and how to know which go with faith and which do not.

Live Online Bible Teaching

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This video is part of a series on the cases of healing in the ministry of Jesus.

Faith and Action

When we approach God, the Bible shows faith is necessary. Everyone who came to Jesus for healing needed faith. (When Jesus approached the sick person, different principles applied and faith was not required).

Faith is shown in two ways: words and actions.

In the Gospels, some sick people spoke their faith and confidence in Jesus. Statements like ‘lay your hands on her and she will live’ show verbal certainty in God.

Others showed faith in their actions. The man bourne by four was lowered through the roof by his friends. The Bible says Jesus saw their faith. The woman with the issue of blood showed faith with her words and actions.

Act and Speak

The best way to show faith is to act and speak. Verbally declare your confidence in God as Healer and also show faith in your actions.

However, which actions show faith and which do not? Some are uncertain about how to act on their faith.

Jesus told the 10 lepers to show themselves to the priest. As they acted on this instruction, they received. However, Jesus did not always give instructions to act on. If a minister tells you to do something to show faith, should you do it?

Blind Bartimeus threw aside his beggars garment when he came to Jesus, demonstrating he believed Jesus was going to heal him. This was a spontaneous action that came as a response to what he believed.

Healing can feel hard to get

Right and Wrong Actions

This Bible study video examines the different ways to act on faith. It also looks at actions people do which are not correct and will not cause healing. We must act correctly if we want to show faith and not simply copy other people.

There are many reasons which motivate people to act. Fear, denial and copying others do not cause the right actions. Spontaneous actions motivated by determination to receive can show faith. Also, obedience to the Word and Spirit will cause us to act correctly.

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