Battles during the reign of King David

Israel’s Battles under King David – Battle Studies 4

Battles under King David

Biblical Battle Studies part 4

King David is one of the most well known characters in the Old Testament. He is often remembered for his confrontation with Goliath, before becoming king.

However, during his reign, he fought other battles, which I study in this video.

This Bible study is part of a series on Battles in the Bible, in which we learn principles that will help us win battles today. This video was taught live online during my weekly online Bible studies every Tuesday over YouTube and Facebook.

Bible Study Video on Battles of King David

Battles series

You can find the other videos in this series on Battles in the Bible here.

If you are facing a spiritual battle of challenge in life now, these principles will help you.

King David and His Heart for God’s House

In this series, we look at various truths we can learn from the battles in the Old Testament. Each study examines a different truth. This video looks at king David’s heart for the house of God.

David wanted to build God a house, a Temple. However, God told him that his son, Solomon, would be the one to build the Temple. This did not stop David from spending his life stockpiling resources for the house of God. After every battle, David took the spoils of war and deposited them into a building fund he prepared for Solomon. By the time Solomon built the Temple in Jerusalem, David had gathered vast resources for it.

A Heart for God’s House

I believe that one important principle for winning battles is having a heart for the building of God’s house. The prophet Haggai shows that when the people returned to the land after captivity, they initially focused on building their own houses. As a result, there was poverty in the land. When Haggai spoke the Word of the Lord to them about putting God’s house first, the people responded and immediately things improved in the land.

Making God’s house a priority is key to winning battles. Often, people do not consider this truth; however, the Word of God teaches it.

Battles in the Bible course
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