Man by the Pool of Bethesda John 5

The Man by the Pool of Bethesda: John 5

John 5: Man by the Pool of Bethesda Healed

In John 5, Jesus went to the man sitting by the Pool of Bethesda and healed him. This Bible Study video examines this passage for principles we can learn today about healing. Part of a series of videos studying the cases of healing in the ministry of Jesus.

At the Pool of Bethesda, sick people would gather and wait for healing.

Bible Teaching Video on The Man by the Pool of Bethesda: John 5

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Healing in the Ministry of Jesus

This teaching video is part 15 in a series on healing cases in Jesus’ Ministry. In these studies, I go through each individual case of people healed in the Gospels, so we can learn relevant principles on how to receive from God. The entire series is available on this website, as well as on the YouTube channel and Facebook page.

John 5: People waiting at The Pool of Bethesda

In John 5, the Bible tells us that sick people gathered at the Pool of Bethesda in Jerusalem every day, waiting to be healed. They went hoping they would get something. Their passive attitude reflects many today who go from one healing meeting to another, hoping to receive something.

In this video, I contrast the passive waiting mentality with others, like the Woman with the Issue of Blood, who pressed in with determination to receive. The Bible shows a mentality difference between people who pressed in for healing and others who passively sat around waiting for healing to come to them.

Rather than waiting by the Pool, we should press through the crowd.

There is a big difference between the people who came to Jesus for healing and the ones He approached. This man by the Pool of Bethesda in John 5 is an example of people who passively just wait for God to do it all, rather than coming to a Him.

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