Refuse to be denied

People who would not be denied their healing

People who refused to be denied healing

The following are people in the Bible who were determined, persistent and would not be denied their healing despite obstacles. Often things stand in our way and it is easy to want to quit or be beaten. We can see from the Bible that those who refused to be denied and did not let obstacles stand in their way got results
1. Two Blind men – Matthew 20:29

2. The Syrophoenician Woman – Matthew 15:21

3. The woman with the Issue of Blood – Mark 5:25

4. Man borne by four – Luke 5:17

5. Joshua & Caleb (In Exodus). Although not a healing case, it shows their determination. They wouldn’t be denied their land – how about you?


Determination is a vital key in faith and receiving from God; and is often lacking in people today wanting to receive answers to prayer. Faith does not quit despite obstacles.


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