The Power of God to Heal

Confidence in the Power of God to Heal

The Bible mentions the power of God a number of times in connection to healing. This video Bible study examines Mark 5:25-34 where the woman with the issue of blood showed confidence in the power of God available through Jesus. As she touched Jesus’ garment, she came into contact with the healing anointing upon Jesus. Her confidence caused the anointing to activate and she was made well.

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This video Bible study is part of a series on the Healing Ministry of Jesus. In this series, I examine each case where Jesus healed someone in the Gospels.

The Power of God to Heal through Jesus

Jesus had the power of God upon Him to heal. Luke 5:17 mentions the power of the Lord being present to heal. Mark 5:25-34 shows that power went out of Jesus when the woman touched His garment.

Paul taught that our faith (confidence) should not be in man, but in God’s power. We should have confidence that when we come into contact with the power of God, it drives out sickness and causes healing in our bodies.

Confidence in God comes from knowing Him, understanding His willingness to heal and being assured that He responds when you ask Him. A number of times in Jesus ministry, we see people who came to confident that He could and would heal. They didn’t approach with uncertainty, but rather with confidence. There was humility in their request, but not uncertainty.

The woman with the issue of blood came confidently, assured that when she touched Jesus’ garment she would be healed. Jesus did not tell her off for her confidence, but commended her faith.

She received because of her confidence in the Power of God. Jesus’ garment represented the anointing upon Him and she knew she would come into contact with God’s healing power when she touched Him. God wants us to have that same confidence in His power.

If you need healing, then I encourage you to study this video and the accompanying series of teachings on Jesus’ Healing ministry, which will help bring you to the place to receive from God. The power of God is able to heal you completely.

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