Family and loved ones

Praying for Family and Loved Ones’ Healing

Can we Pray for Healing for our Family?

Our family is important to us. When our loved ones are sick, we sometimes feel helpless. However, there are examples in the Gospels of people asking Jesus to heal their family and loved ones.

In John 11, Mary and Martha approached Jesus about their brother, Lazarus, when he was sick. Jesus also loved this family.

This video Bible study is part 20 of a series studying the cases of healing in the Gospels. The entire video series is available on this website.

Video study on Praying for Family and Loved Ones

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Praying for Loved Ones

Some people ask whether they can pray for their loved ones’ healing.

It’s hard when we see our families sick. Whether it’s your parents, sister, brother or any other family member, we don’t want to see them sick.

Fortunately, the Gospels give examples of sisters asking Jesus to heal their brother (Lazarus, John 11), children asking for their parents (Peter’s mother in law), parents asking on behalf of their kids (Jairus, the Nobleman) and friends asking for someone.

This video studies the principles you need to know in order to become effective at praying for healing of other people.

Pray for one another

James 5 shows pray can be for yourself, but we should also pray ‘one for another’. There is a place for this kind of praying.

Lazarus: John 11

We often think of the passage about Lazarus being about raising the dead. However, the passage starts when Lazarus is still sick. His sisters, Mary and Martha, send Word to Jesus about the illness.

Lazarus himself did not make the request to Jesus. Yes, Jesus went to them and Lazarus was set free.

Healing in the Gospels

Find the full series examining each of the cases of healing in the Gospels here.

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