Fighting Battles without the presence of God

Fighting Battles without the Presence of God: Battles 2

Battles without the Presence of God

Biblical Battle Studies Part 2

The presence of God is essential to win battles. In the Old Testament, Israel fought a number of battles where God did not go with to the fight… and they lost. Many people are losing battles, so we need to understand why.

This video studies these passages to learn principles of how to get the presence of God to show up to the fight.

If you are facing a battle, this series on Biblical Battle Studies will help you win. I encourage you to study the entire series, which I taught live online on Facebook and YouTube. I do a live Bible study online every Tuesday at 7.30pm (UK time).

Fighting Battles without the Presence of God Video

The Presence of God

Many are trying to get the presence of God involved in their situation. They need the power of God to manifest to bring their breakthrough. Often, despite crying out to God, His power does not seem to show up.

What will it take to have the Presence of God move for you?

In Numbers 14 and 1 Samuel 4, Israel lost battles. Find out why in this video.

Stop Losing Battles and Start Winning

It’s time to stop losing battles and find out how to win them with God’s power. Defeat is not for Christians. God has promised us the victory, but we need to follow the principles in His Word. Biblical principles need to be put into practice to get God involved in the fight.

The enemy is beating too many Christians in their health, finances, relationships, families and other places. This series on Biblical Battle Studies teaches what you need to start winning.

Live Online Bible Teaching

Every Tuesday, I teach the Bible online via Facebook and YouTube at 7.30pm (UK time). These Bible studies are to help you understand the Bible.

God wants us to understand His Word. Solid teaching is essential in order for us to grow as Christians. I encourage you to join us for these live online Bible studies.

Battles in the Bible course
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