Live Bible study about Healing in Jesus Ministry

Take Responsibility for Your Healing (Jesus’ Healings)

The cases of healing in the Gospels provide us with a powerful study of how to receive healing. Mark 9 teaches the important truth of taking responsibility for receiving your healing.

In this series of videos, we study each individual case where people received healing under Jesus ministry. This week’s study is Mark 9, the account of the boy with the mute spirit.

This video was recorded live and broadcast over YouTube and Facebook. To watch future live broadcasts, please visit Live Online

Every Tuesday at 7.30pm UK time.

Watch live biblical teaching wherever you are and increase your understanding of God’s Word. If you have friends who are hungry for more Bible teaching, please let them know about these live broadcasts.

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Take Responsibility

We need to take responsibility to receive from God, rather than looking to everyone else to get it for us. Learn how you can get healed from this series of videos. Jesus helped the boy and his father in Mark 9 by adjusting this man’s view. He was looking to everyone else, blaming the disciples and putting pressure of Jesus to get it for him. Jesus showed him that He had to believe. When he did, he got the healing.

If you want to get healed, learn the same lesson. No one else is responsible to receive for you. You can get powerful results when you believe and act on the Word. In this passage, Jesus said all things are possible to him who believes.

Course on Jesus’ Healings

The course on Jesus’ Healings studies this subject throughout the Gospels, showing principles and truths to help you get healed. Find out the will of God about healing, how important Healing was to Jesus and the truth that Jesus heals everyone. Also, find out about the response of Faith.

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