God’s Perspective of your challenges is different

Seeing Challenges from God’s Perspective: Battles 10

God’s Perspective is Different

In Exodus 14, Israel found themselves trapped between the Red Sea and Pharaoh’s army. However, God had led them to that position. All Israel could see was the impossibility, but from God’s perspective, they were not in danger. God knew what He was going to do.

This video Bible study examines this passage to show us that we need to see challenges from God’s perspective.

Video Bible study on God’s Perspective

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Biblical Battle Studies

This video is part 10 in a series examining the battles in the Old Testament. The series teaches principles which will help you in the challenges of life today.

Battles in the Bible course

No way out

Sometimes, we feel like there is no way out of our current situation. Whichever way we look, we feel trapped. The good news is that God sees a way out and, if we trust Him, He will bring us through.

God’s way out often means moving supernaturally. In Exodus 14, God’s power was released to split the Red Sea, creating a path for Israel to escape.

Rather than becoming discouraged, realise that from God’s perspective, you are not trapped. He sees the way out, so put your confidence in Him to move in your situation. God has not forgotten how to split Red Seas!

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