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Can Someone Else Use Their Faith to Get You Healed?

Can someone else get you healed with their faith?

I have heard this question many times from Bible School students I have taught. There is a common believe that we can get other people healed with our faith, regardless of whether they are in faith.

In this video, recorded live online, I examine this question, as part of the series studying Healing in the Ministry of Jesus. We also look at the importance of maintaining your connection with God in order to effectively minister healing to others.

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It is a common believe that my faith can get you healed. In other words, that someone else’s faith can get you healed. Many believe that someone else can get you healed by their faith.

Can someone else get you healed with their faith?

This video shows that Jesus never said, ‘My faith healed you’. He said that people received by their faith.

Learn about what you as a minister need to do to keep yourself strong spiritually to minister healing to others.

We need to follow the Bible when answering these questions, rather than our own ideas. When Jesus wanted to help people, He built their faith. He did not rely on His faith to get people healed, without theirs being involved.

If you are uncertain about whether faith is needed for healing, you can read the article on this topic.

The Healing Ministry of Jesus is the best place to study healing. If you want to know the will of God about healing or whether healing was important to Jesus, the articles on this site study these truths. Also, Jesus healed them all then and heals all now.

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