The War of Words. Battles of the Bible 7

The War of Words: Biblical Battles 7

The War of Words: Taunting the Enemy

In 1 Samuel 17, Goliath taunted Israel, using words to create fear. This is similar to what Sennacherib did to Hezekiah, which I examined in the previous study of this series. However, David responded with his own words, declaring that God would come through for him.

When we face battles today, we must also win the war of words in order to win the battle. The following video studies this important truth.

Winning the War of Words Video Bible Study

Studies of Biblical Battles

This teaching is part of a series which studies a number of battles in the Old Testament to teach us principles for our lives today. The entire series is available on this website.

Every week, I do live online Bible studies in English, Punjabi, Polish and Portuguese. You are welcome to join these to help you understand the Bible.

Battles in the Bible course

Use your Words

When facing a battle, there is often a war of words. The enemy taunts your mind by claiming you will not overcome. You need to use your words back by declaring how great God is and that He is on your side. Speak our your confidence that God will cause you to win the battle.

This verbal war is so important. Many are defeated by the enemies declarations which create doubt in our minds. By speaking out the Word of God, we stir up our own confidence in God.

David refused to let Goliath’s Taunts beat him

While Goliath tried to discourage David, David refused to let him. David kept speaking out what God would do. David won the war of words before beating Goliath.

By speaking out confidence in God, we encourage ourselves and keep our focus.

How to beat Giants: David vs Goliath

Helping You Understand the Bible

My focus is to help you understand the Bible and become more established in God’s Word. I do these weekly Bible studies to help people. Please share them with your friends and join us each week for our live online Bible studies. By giving the Word of God more time in your life, you enable God more access into your life to bless and increase you.

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