The Works of God as seen in Jesus

The Works of God seen in Jesus: Jesus’ Healings #17

The Works of God

The Bible mentions the works of God a number of times. In the Old Testament, they revealed the awesomeness of God, His might and power. In the New Testament, we see God’s motive for doing the works: the Father nature of God.

Jesus came to reveal the Father and He points to the works of God through Him to show the Father.

In this Bible teaching video, I look at what Jesus said about the works of God and how they show us the nature of God. This video is part 17 in a series studying the healing cases in the Gospels. The complete series is available on this website.

Bible Teaching Video on the Works of God

Live Bible Teaching Online

Every Tuesday, I do a live Online Bible study at 7.30pm UK time. This video is part of a series I taught studying healing in Jesus’ ministry.

These videos are to help you understand the Bible brought clear scriptural teaching. This series on healing is an in-depth study of how to receive from God.

The Nature of God

Jesus came to reveal the Father. This includes showing us what God is like, the nature of the Father. Many people do not know who the Father is and what He is like. Jesus pointed to His works, which include healing, to show the Father. The works of God reveal to us the nature of God.

Jesus did not just do ‘spectacular’ miracles and healings for the sake of it. He was interested in people and showed that God valued each individual. God did the works because He cared about people and their suffering. He uses His awesome power to set people free because He is a Father.

The video above will help you see what God is like, His Father nature. As you study it, I pray that you will see the Father for who He is. God is not just awesome, He is Father.

The Gospel of John

John’s Gospel talks a lot about he works of God. It also mentions the Father more than any other gospel. In John 14, Jesus shows the connection between these.

Understanding the Bible

God gave us His Word to teach us. He wants us to understand it. The Bible is not supposed to be a mystery.

My desire as a Bible teacher is to help people understand scripture. These live online Bible videos are part of that. I welcome you to watch them each week and grow in understanding of the Word of God.

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