Under siege from the enemy

Under Siege and Without Hope: Biblical Battles 11

Under Siege

In 2 Kings 6, Ben-Hadad king of Syria besieged Samaria. A siege is when the enemy surrounds a town to cut off supplies. Things went from bad to worse in Samaria until the people were starving and desperate.

This video Bible study is part 11 in the Biblical Battles series and examines 2 Kings 6 to see how God came through for Samaria through Elisha.

Video Bible Study: Under Siege

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Battles in the Old Testament

This video is part of a series of studies on the Battles in the Old Testament which teach relevant principles for the challenges we face in life today. God wants you to win your battles. I encourage you to study the entire series.

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2 Kings 6: Samaria Besieged

When Ben-Hadad laid siege to Samaria, there was no hope. King Jehoram was not a godly king and had neglected God in the nation. However, during the siege, he got angry with Elisha the prophet and blamed God for the problems. Despite this, God moved through four lepers, the most unlikely source, and delivered the city.

The four lepers knew there was no point sitting by the city gates to die, so instead decided to go to the Syrian camp. God supernaturally amplified their footsteps to sound like a mighty army causing fear in the enemy and the siege ended.

When we feel like there is no hope, God can still move. This video will encourage you to look to God in the most hopeless times because He can bring you victory.

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