Why God?

Why God? Why is this Happening to Me? John 9

Why are Bad Things Happening, God?

Have you ever wondered why things are happening to you? Maybe you have asked, ‘Why God?’

Sometimes, when people go through a challenge, they wonder why is it happening. They even ask God and look for answers as to why they are going through a difficult situation. In this Bible teaching video, I examine this question from a Biblical perspective using John 9. Should we be asking why?

This video is part of a series examining healing in the Ministry of Jesus. All the videos in the series are available on this website and I recommend you watch them all for the full study.

Video studying the question ‘Why God?’

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This video is part 16 in the series on the healing cases in the Gospels.

Why God?

If you have ever asked God why you are facing a challenge or going through a hard situation, this video is for you. It may be sickness, financial problems or something else. Whatever it is, the Bible shows us how to deal with this question.

This video studies John 9 where Jesus’ disciple’s asked Him about the man who was born Blind. The disciple’s asked Jesus who had sinned. They assumed sin was the cause of the man’s blindness.

Jesus’ answer is often misinterpreted and used to teach that God allows sickness. This is not an accurate interpretation of this passage and does not line up with the rest of the Bible.

Find out in this video the truth that God wants you to know. Often, our need to know the reason and have our questions answered is not the right approach. It can sidetrack us and get our attention on ourselves, rather than God.

The more we focus on ‘why’, the less we focus on God and His Word. We start to look at ourselves, which hinders us receiving. Looking for reasons is often a distraction from getting free.

Find out in this study how we should deal with hard situations, rather than trying to find the reason.

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