Will God give to me When I ask Him?

Will God Give to me when I ask?

Does God Give to us?

How to Receive from God Part 2

Many are uncertain about whether God will give to them when they ask. We have been taught that God withholds or that we have to wait for Him to give to us.

The important question is: What does the Bible teach about the giving nature of God? Does the Bible show God gives or that He withholds?

This video Bible study is part 2 in a series and looks at the giving nature of God.

Video on Will God give to me when I ask?

Understand God’s Word

Every week, I do live online Bible studies. These are available in English on Facebook and YouTube. My Bible studies are also translated into Polish, Portuguese and Punjabi.

These studies will help you understand the Bible because God wants us to grow in His Word.

Do I have to Wait for God to Give?

We have been taught to wait for God to give. So, many people are waiting for healing and waiting for God to answer other prayers. Some have been waiting for many years and are feeling discouraged.

This series on How to Receive from God will help you see the truth in the Bible, so you can stop waiting and start receiving. I encourage you to watch each video in the series to help think in line with the Bible.

God has given

The Bible teaches that God has given us many things already. So, we are not waiting for Him to give. We need to learn to receive the things He has given.

The Bible shows the giving nature of God because God wants us to understand that He is a Giver.

Other Bible studies

This website is filled with teaching and Bible studies, including videos and articles, to help you grow and understand the Word of God. Every week, I add more and do live online Bible studies.

Invite your friends and come join as we study God’s Word together. I appreciate you sharing this website with your friends.

God gives, we receive

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