Does sin block healing?

Will Sin Stop Me Being Healed?

Is Sin blocking my Healing?

Some people are concerned that sin is blocking their healing and hindering them receiving from God

  • Do I need to repent of my sins to receive healing?
  • Will sin stop me being healed?
  • If I have made mistakes, will God withhold my healing?
  • Is God Upset with me, so won’t answer my prayer?

Even if they are not aware of a particular sin, people think God won’t answer their prayer because they have made mistakes and done wrong.

The Bible connects forgiveness and healing. This video Bible study examines sin, sickness, forgiveness and healing using Luke 5:17-26 where Jesus healed the man borne by four.

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Is Sin stopping me being healed?

A lot of people ask questions like this. They think God withholds healing from them due to their sins. Find out the Bible answer. Sin does not have to stand in your way or stop you receiving.

God releases forgiveness with healing. James 5 shows that the sick person’s sins WILL be forgiven.

The Power of Forgiveness for Sin

Discover the power of forgiveness for sin and how it opens your life to receive healing. Experience the release that forgiveness brings, as you watch the video above and find out the Bible truth. Don’t be robbed of what God has for you. There is no reason to stay sick. God has provided forgiveness and healing through Jesus.

Jesus did not withhold Healing

Jesus did not tell the man in Luke 5 that he could not be healed because of what he had done. Instead, Jesus showed him the power of forgiveness, so he could receive his healing.

Guilt and Condemnation

Some people feel condemnation and guilt. They feel like God won’t answer them because of what they have done. You can be free from that condemnation by receiving forgiveness.

God’s Will about healing seen in Jesus
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