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How to Win Battles: Biblical Battle Studies 1

Can I Win Battles with God’s Help?

God wants you to win battles. The Bible is full of people who faced impossible situations and God enabled them to win battles.

In this Bible teaching video series, I study a number of battles in the Bible to learn principles we can use today to win battles we are facing. This video is part one in the series Biblical Battle Studies.

How to Win Battles Bible Study Video

Live Online Bible Teaching

Every Tuesday at 7.30pm (UK time), I do a live Online Bible study. You are welcome to join these teachings on Facebook or YouTube.

This video is part 1 in the series Biblical Battle Studies. The complete series is available on this website.

Battles in the Bible course

Help! I’m in a Battle

If you are in a fight and it feels like the pressure is on, the Word of God is your answer. This series will help you to victory starting with the video above because God’s plan is for you to win Battles.

Some people feel like they are struggling in a spiritual battle against sickness, financial pressure or someone coming against them. They are crying out to God for help. Help starts with the Word of God and understanding how to get God involved in your battles.

The Bible gives principles for winning and getting the victory. The Covenant includes deliverance from enemies and God has given us the victory In Christ.

God’s Promise in the Fight

In Deuteronomy, God gave Israel instructions on how to fight enemies. He told them not to fear and that He would be with them in the fight. The priest was to remind the people of this before every fight. As the entered battle, God’s people were to have their attention focused on God being with them, rather than on the size of the enemy army.

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