Winning battles by doing them the right way

Doing Battle the Right Way And Winning: Battles 3

Winning Battles

Biblical Battle Studies part 3

This series on Biblical Battles studies Old Testament Battles to learn principles for winning battles today. Many Christians are facing battles, but some are losing them. We can start winning, if we learn the Biblical truths we need.

This video Bible study was taught live online. You are welcome to join us for these weekly live Bible studies every Tuesday. Teaching is done over YouTube and Facebook.

Doing Battle the Right Way And Winning video

Winning Battles

In part two, I looked at the importance of God’s presence in battles and why Israel went into some battles without God’s presence. In this video (part three), I build on this to see how to fight battles the right way, so we win.

Samuel calls the Nation to Dedication to God

After Israel lost the battle in 1 Samuel 4, the prophet Samuel called the nation to fully dedicate themselves to the Lord. He offered burnt offerings and the people followed God fully. After they freshly consecrated themselves, they were attacked again. This time, God’s presence moved mightily and they won the battle.

You can start winning too. By taking these principles and applying them to your life, you can access God’s power in battle.

Solid Biblical Teaching

To grow spiritually and in our walk with God, we need good Biblical teaching. It is my desire to provide this and to help you understand the Bible. These online Bible studies will help you understand the Bible and become established in the Word of God.

The Word of God is life to us. The truth sets us free and enables us to move forward in God. This ministry is here to present the truth of God’s Word. If you want to know more about this ministry, please see the about page.

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