Winning the battle within first

Winning the Battle Within: Biblical Battles 6

The Battle Within

2 Chronicles 32 shows how the enemy taunts us, causing a battle within us. This battle within can be the hardest one to win when we are facing challenges in life. In the chapter, Sennacherib, king of Assyria, attacked Judah while Hezekiah was king. Despite doing everything right during his reign prior to this, Hezekiah still faced a battle.

This video Bible study was recorded during a live Online Bible study and examines the battle Hezekiah faced against Sennacherib.

The Battle Within Bible Study Video

Every week, I do a live Online Bible teaching over Facebook and YouTube. This video is part of a series on Biblical Battle studies.

Will I get attacked when I’m doing things right?

Often, when we face challenges, we have questions. One of these is ‘why was I attacked while doing everything right?’

The same thing happened to Hezekiah. Even though he had reformed the nation and called them back to God, an enemy still cam against his kingdom. The Bible does not promise we will never be attacked; however, it promises that God will give us the victory in the Battle

The enemy tries to Question God

In 2 Chronicles 32, Sennacherib tried to created doubt in the people about whether God would come through for them. He taunted them and challenged their God. The enemy tries to do this to us today, which can cause doubts within us. This causes an inner battle.

Often, before we can overcome the external challenge, we must with this battle within. This video will help you know how to win inside before winning outside.

Don’t allow the enemy to bring doubt. Instead, keep your focus on God and what His Word promises.

Multilingual Bible Studies

I am now doing weekly Bible studies online in multiple languages including English, Polish, Portuguese and Punjabi. Please share these with your friends who speak those languages to help spread the Word of God. Each video is in English with translation into the different languages.

You are welcome to join these Bible studies to help you understand the Bible better.

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